Exploring seismic and other kind of detections through submarine cables in CAM Zone:
Smart, Green & Blue CAM Ring

March 2019

Authors: José S. Barros, Vasco Sá, Yasser Omar

Abstract: This report summarizes the benefits and practical details for integrating seismic capabilities into submarine cables connecting the Portugal Mainland with Azores Islands and Madeira Islands (the "CAM Ring") due to be constructed by 2023.

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Scientific Monitoring And Reliable Telecommunications (SMART) Cable Systems:

Integration of Sensors into Telecommunications Repeaters

May 28-31, 2018

Conference: OCEANS’18 MTS/IEEE Kobe/Techno-Ocean 2018

Authors: Stephen Lentz and Bruce Howe. 

Abstract: The underlying paper (abstract) will be published as part of the IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering soon after the conference.